Fittings are mechanical components that connect the various parts of a mechanism together; in other words they constitute the contact points that ensure the cohesion of the whole.


Since mechanical devices are usually intended to either produce, transmit, transform or otherwise deal with the motion required for the performance of their function, it is extremely important that the fittings used are able to withstand the mechanical forces they are subjected to.Borgogno, a company in Grugliasco, in the Province of Turin deals with the production of brass fittings under contract, and is able to precisely follow the designs provided by the client and can do both short and long production runs with highly competitive lead times.

Resistance and technology

All fittings produced and sold must be resistant to the continuous wear caused by friction between the parts in contact with each other and which usually generates a large amount of heat. Fittings are a part of a significantly wider offer that includes all types of small fittings and mechanical components that can be produced using:

  • steel
  • brass
  • and other metal alloys.

The Borgogno company has a robust, certified quality control process that ensures perfection in each part produced.

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