The most delicate parts of engines and other mechanical devices are without a doubt those to do with the transmission of motion. It is here that components come into contact with each other, transforming the nature of the motion and causing friction that slowly wears down the component and that, over time, can cause significant damage. To name a few of these elements we can mention linchpins, shafts and bushings.

It is extremely important that the production of these components be flawless right from the initial design phase so that the parts created are sufficiently resistant to the friction and the forces they must withstand in the mechanisms where they will be installed.

Production of small metal parts

The production of custom bushings, linchpins and small shafts is one of Borgogno's main activities. It has fifty years experience in the subcontracted production of this type of small metal part for various mechanical sectors. The Borgogno company has all the equipment required for its turning production - including several CNC lathes - and a network of highly effective external partners for carrying out heat treatment.

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