Borgogno makes brass and steel fittings

One of the main specializations of Borgogno, a well-established industrial firm in Grugliasco (Turin), is the production of small metal parts. These are the smallest components a mechanical system may be broken down into, be that system a simple gearbox for the transmission of movement or a more complex device requiring many individual pieces. For the overall system to be reliable, care and attention must be given, not only to its design and assembly, but also to the manufacture of its individual components. These are usually made of:

  • steel
  • brass
  • other alloys.

With the experience gained from over 50 years in the business, Borgogno has become highly specialized in the subcontracted production of all types of small metal parts , an activity for which it employs 32 lathes including traditional ones, indispensable for certain specific types of machining operation, and numerically controlled lathes.

Lathes for the production of small parts
All the CNC lathes are software controlled and apply, with infinitesimal precision, the digital instructions provided by CAD programs. One of the strengths of this Turin-based firm is its ability to accommodate both long and short production runs, responding to the needs of customers who require only a limited number of a certain part. Some of the more common parts we produce include fittings in:

  • brass
  • linchpins
  • small shafts
  • bushings
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